What Exemplifies the Bad Dad Guitar Lifestyle?

Custom Guitar Builds

I started building guitars as a hobby and soon found that turning broken guitars into playable art was a rewarding process. All of the guitars I have created are hand crafted without any digital reproduction. All images are hand cut from books, magazines, and other vintage materials. Some of my featured guitars include:
Star Wars Topps Stratocaster Guitar
This guitar was stripped down to the raw wood, then refinished using original Topps Star Wars trading cards. This guitar was sold to a customer in New York to use as a stage guitar.
Daft Punk Dreadnought Guitar
This was one of my first practice guitars, its rough around the edges but still looks cool!
Vintage Pinup Acoustic #2
Second professional guitar using vintage pinup prints and a broken acoustic guitar. This was the first custom art guitar I sold and currently resides in England.
The Rebel Bass
Commissioned guitar – This customer sent me his vintage bass guitar from when he was a kid. The guitar was stripped down to raw wood, then re-finished using original Star Wars images from the Empire Strikes Back picture book from 1981. I’m sure it looks great on the wall.
Vintage Pinup Acoustic “Gretta”
This guitar started as a broken peavy that was striped down and re-finished using all original pinup prints with all white backgrounds. This was a truly unique guitar that sold to a pinup enthusiast after being displayed at a show.
Vintage Pinup Les Paul *Loraine”
This guitar started as a broken Les Paul and needed a complete set neck replacement. After making repairs and stripping the guitar down, I refinished in my normal pinup fashion using original Gil Elvgren prints. This guitar sold to a repeat customer who also commissioned the guitar on the home page.
Les Paul Jr. *Women in Crime*
One of my all time favorites and currently unwilling to part with! This guitar was years in the making as I sourced original pulp novel covers from Goodwill and other various thrift shops. After a year of collecting, the Les Paul Jr. was selected, stripped down, and re-finished with the Pulp Art covers. A vintage Gibson single P-90 pickup along with custom vintage spec wiring and hardware make this guitar sing like you wouldn’t believe!
Vintage Pinup Acoustic #1
My first official art guitar. This guitar is currently hanging on the wall in my home. It started as a student model classical guitar that I got for 20 bucks at a garage sale! I stiped it down and refinished using original Pinup prints. I even used pinup finger nail decals as the fret markers. I love to look at this guitar as a point of reference for how far my artwork has come.